Notificare launches Smarter Push Notifications SDK

Notificare, the powerful platform for push notifications, is excited to announce that as of today a new Smarter Push Notifications SDK has been released. With this SDK, developers are able to easily implement push notifications in their applications. All the heavy lifting is done by Notificare so developers don't need to worry about setting up a scalable messaging service. This new SDK opens up a toolbox that takes mobile messaging to the next level.

Notificare's unique technology (Push Actions) now enables marketeers to interact with their customers via a push notification message. This two way communication technology can be added on top of any type of notification. Notificare let’s you be creative. Use the Message Composer to easily send location-based notifications containing HTML, Media or even Maps.

"We are excited with the launch of this new SDK. We have been working hard to make implementation as simple as possible. Once the SDK is integrated in your app, messages can be sent from the dashboard or the RESTful API. With the new functionalities you can give more and more relevance to the notifications. And we are not just notifying, it’s the Push Actions that make this even more thrilling. Your users are triggered to actually do something with the message so engagement with your product or brand increases a lot," said Robert Leefmans, Notificare's CEO

The new SDK comes with an updated API and dashboard. Targeting your audience has been improved by adding Geo Push. "You can send push Notifications to specific users, specific devices or even a specific location, enabling you to target your customers even better. The possibilities are limitless,"  said Joel Oliveira, Notificare's Chief Product Officer.

It's unique in that you send the messages to actual people. “We all know people use more than one device, and this number is going to explode. That’s why we organize users and keep track of all of their connected devices. Messages will be delivered to the device best suitable for the occasion, which makes conversation more valuable and contextually relevant," said Joris Verbogt, Notificare's Chief Technology Officer.

About Notificare

NOTIFICARE is a leading Mobile Marketing Automation Platform that allows marketers to send context-relevant and interactive notifications to their customers. NOTIFICARE enables personal and location-based interaction, using geo-fencing and iBeacon technology. This allows companies to provide their customers with relevant information at the right moment, increasing the efficacy of their marketing communications and building sustainable relationships with their customers. NOTIFICARE strengthens the mobile channel in omni-channel campaigns. NOTIFICARE is ISO/IEC 27001;2013 certified.

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