Keadyn invests in Mobile Marketing Platform Notificare

Investment to accelerate growth of successful Dutch startup

Venture builder Keadyn is investing in Notificare, the Mobile Marketing Platform. This investment will propel Notificare into its next stage of development. The company is expanding successfully and wants to accelerate its growth. In the coming period it will be expanding its team as well as its client base. Notificare believes in the power of personal and location-based interaction with customers and wants to communicate this vision to the world.

Notificare is a successful Dutch startup that was founded in 2012 by Joel Oliveira (CPO), Joris Verbogt (CTO) and Robert Leefmans (CEO). Their Mobile Marketing Platform strikes a bridge between the virtual and physical world with clever mobile technology. It makes use of smartphones, geolocation, iBeacon, and more. The young firm is developing and delivering a unique platform that enables the creation and maintenance of longterm customer relationships through push notifications. Using the profile and location of the user, interactive and contextual messages can be sent. Notificare expects the Keadyn investment to establish a more robust foundation for the growth of the company.

Venture builder 
Keadyn is a venture builder that contributes to the acceleration of young companies through entrepreneurship. According to Keadyn owner Martijn Don, the collaboration with Notificare suits the vision of his company perfectly. “We find the technology of Notificare terrifically rich in opportunities. It supplies great added value to its clients, who can use this service to send messages to the right person and at the right moment, for example on the basis of that person’s current location. The time has now come to accelerate the company’s growth in the Netherlands and beyond. Keadyn is happy to be making a contribution to this process.”

Retail, events, and media
Notificare is already being employed by large clients such as the Hema, Lotto and the Netherlands Red Cross organization. The company is now ready to embark on a new stage of development thanks to the €200,000 investment from Keadyn. This is the first part of a rolling close; the next round of investments is expected to raise a total of €400,000. Various investors have shown interest already. Notificare is open to all investors who also offer actual added value, as Keadyn does. The received funds will be used among other things to achieve scale and to develop the company further on an international level.

Robert Leefmans, CEO of Notificare: “The investment marks an important moment for us. From this point forward we can give additional impetus to our growth activities. Notificare supplies a powerful marketing instrument that is proving its value in countless industries: retail, events, and media. By working together with Keadyn we now have more leverage to communicate our vision worldwide. The first steps that we are going to take are to expand our team and to bolster sales and marketing activities.

About Notificare
The Notificare Mobile Marketing Platform is a powerful marketing tool that companies can deploy to enrich their mobile apps with interactive and context-relevant messaging. Notificare enables personal and location-based interaction, using iBeacon and other technologies. This allows companies to provide their customers with topical information at the right moments, increasing the efficacy of their marketing communications and building longterm relationships with their clients. Notificare strengthens the mobile channel in omni-channel campaigns. More information at

About Keadyn
Keadyn is an independent investment company from Rotterdam that specializes in supporting rapidly growing companies. Keadyn creates a perfect climate for its participations to accelerate. The founders of Keadyn are experienced entrepreneurs with knowledge of investments, strategy development, business development, growth acceleration and exit strategies.

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About Notificare

NOTIFICARE is a leading Mobile Marketing Automation Platform that allows marketers to send context-relevant and interactive notifications to their customers. NOTIFICARE enables personal and location-based interaction, using geo-fencing and iBeacon technology. This allows companies to provide their customers with relevant information at the right moment, increasing the efficacy of their marketing communications and building sustainable relationships with their customers. NOTIFICARE strengthens the mobile channel in omni-channel campaigns. NOTIFICARE is ISO/IEC 27001;2013 certified.

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